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Time to go

June 17, 2012

Cleaning up any trace of Nan or her gay stormtroopers was the first item on my agenda – closely followed by get the fuck out of Bon Temps before The Authority shows up.

My King had seemed somewhat nonplussed as he called his progeny to let her know he’d been called away on business. Lies came easy to Bill Compton – well – to both of us for that matter. All part of being a Vampire that survived.

A brief thought flashed through my mind while using the wet vac to suck up the last traces of the Authority’s previous Spokesbitch – that thought – Pam. Things were not good between us and I was still seething at her deliberate disobedience and action that might have ended Sookie’s life. Should I care about that now? Now that Sookie had rejected all I had and would have given. Mulling that over just served to heighten my anger at the situation. I had opened up and let someone in – dared to love – to give myself completely. Something I had not done in centuries or arguably my whole existence…and for good reason – it made one vulnerable.

And then I’d felt it – Sookie’s fear jolting through the bond we now shared. Of course Bill had also felt it and was immediately ready to go to her aid. Not me – not this time. “Fuck Sookie”. Yes – it was my pride speaking up but also the voice of reason. If Bill and I wanted to survive we had no time to help the woman that had rejected us both. When the shot rang out and Bill sprang from his palace it was but a moment before I heard them and knew we were too late – The Authority was already there for us – under the honor of my station as Sheriff I had to help my King and so I exited the palace straight into a silver net.

Fucking silver

You never get used to the acidic burning of silver – it is a pain that cuts straight through and takes your strength with it – renders you helpless no matter how old or strong you may be – something I despise. I soon found out there was another thing I despised – being locked in a trunk – even worse – with Bill. For some reason the King thought we were being hauled in to be talked to – he was showing his age as well as naivety. The Authority was not in the habit of letting Vampires live that had been brought in by force for questioning – at least not any that I had known.

We had managed to maneuver an umbrella – pierce the gas tank and cause an explosion. In hindsight perhaps not the best of ideas but at least it worked. The explosion had slammed me into a chain link fence and my head spun – still weak from the earlier silvering. Once I heard Bill moaning I knew I had to get him out of there before anyone else got to him. How noble of him to tell me to go – does he truly not realize I am a Vampire of honor and would not leave my King to die – no matter what disagreements we may have had in the past?

Once again it looked as if we were going to be too late – one of the Authority members tasked with driving us in was pointing a gun at us. It only served to reason that the bullets were wooden tipped silver and meant instant destruction for Bill or me – but the shot never happened…

As the Vampire exploded I saw her holding the instrument of his true death – someone I had not seen in many years – far too long… Nora


First Taste of Season 5

April 3, 2012

New Year’s Resolution

January 3, 2012

I find it a strange custom of humans – this declaration of a New Year’s resolution. I wonder – do they think that a mere pledge to stop doing something with no real want to do so creates a kind of magic? Not so. Over the ages I have witnessed that with regularity those solemn pledges to self are short-lived. Such a weak-willed race humans are.

Also with regularity these humans dare ask what I will pledge as a New Year’s resolution. *smirk*

A pledge is not something a Viking takes lightly – nor a Vampire Sheriff. While I am not one to entertain most human customs I will humor you all this year.

My resolution for the 2012 is this:

There will be violence, there will be blood and there will most certainly be sex. Of these three things you can be sure and unlike a human’s resolution – I will not fail in these endeavors.

The King Set Me Free

August 6, 2011

Sookie’s head is lying against my chest, her body partially draped over mine completely relaxed and sated. The full moon above us casts rays of light that make strands of her hair glow where they fall across my arm. I hear the beating of her heart and soft steady breathing like a melody playing in perfect concert with the symphony of the night – our night.

The sun will be rising before long but I cannot – no – I will not waste a moment of being with her like this, like it should be. So I am here with her asleep in my arms not wanting to leave our lover’s paradise.

What a turn of events the past 24 hours has brought…

Yes Sookie had told me that she’d known there had always been something decent in me, even with all the cruel things I had done. I marveled that she could proclaim such a thing, to like me after all I had done, all I was capable of doing. It was a testament to her strength of character just as the things she had done for me these past few nights had also been.

Where I am dark; she brings light.

I had walked away from her, never intending to look back. The shock of finding out things I had done in the past, to her, to her friends. To find out that she had hated me – that I had caused her great pain. Hearing that those accusations had all been true had hit me hard but that was not the worst of it. The vision of my Maker haunted me – I kept hearing him tell me I was cursed and incapable of love; nothing but a creature of death. I couldn’t bear the chance that it would also be true. That I might snap one night or worse yet come out of this spell and return to the Vampire I once was. As much as I knew I would do anything to keep Sookie from harm it might turn out to be me that destroyed her. But she had called me back and in that moment where I turned to see her reaching out toward me from the porch I knew – I was capable of love.

I was raw from facing my past transgressions but with her in my arms it all melted away. Sookie was everything at that moment, what I wanted, what I needed and I would never let go. Once she had initiated a kiss I knew she wanted me too and all else was forgotten except the need to have each other. Somehow we managed our way back inside the house, to the couch where I had minutes before made my decision to leave. We would have consummated our desire had the King not interrupted us; that interruption would turn out to be Freya’s blessing in disguise.

I would have ended the King then and there had Sookie not explained who he was. Even though I knew there was more to her answer than what she had told I had dropped my weapon and knelt acknowledging his position of authority. Memory or not I knew that you do not attack your King and I accepted his judgment freely when he had me taken to his house and put behind bars. Sookie had tried to reason with him and in me hearing that exchange it had confirmed what I suspected, that she had once been his. How could I argue if the King decreed I was a danger to my kind after I had been willing to accept that I might be a potential danger to Sookie just minutes before?

I couldn’t bear it if I snuffed out Sookie’s light.

Once in the cell I had discovered my progeny Pam was also there and that she was rotting from a spell the witch had cast on her.

Through her pain I could sense her fear even when she refused to voice it to me; she was a fighter. She told me more things I didn’t want to hear. About my treason, how I hated the King and did not show him fealty. About who I used to be and what we had done together. That I had done anything I could to make Sookie mine even when she belonged to the King. The weight of her words came down on me as those of my Maker had and I raged my contempt for them.

The things I’ve done – I don’t WANT to remember. I am no longer that Vampire.

When the guards had come to retrieve me from the cell they explained that I was under the spell of a necromancer and a danger to all Vampires. I knew what that meant and avoided Pam’s gaze as they put the silver cuffs back on me and following the guards out of the cell and into the night where the King waited to deliver my sentence.

I did not want to die the true death but I was willing to accept my sentence without resistance. I would go to my true death knowing what it meant to love because of Sookie and I could only hope that she would find the happiness I had found because of her. I gazed toward the moon knowing that somewhere that same moon shone down on Sookie and in that; I would be with her in my final moment. My thoughts were only of her when the King raised the execution stake.

But the strike never fell – the King had set me free.

Free to be with her, to bring her the happiness she deserves in whatever way I can.

The weight of all that had happened during the previous 24 hours all fell away when I found her in the woods – my salvation – my goddess – my everything, and nothing else mattered but her.

We’d made love as if we were the only two people in the world, slowly, gently, tenderly; not like it would have been on the couch in her front room. I wanted her, wanted everything to be about her and to show her how precious she was to me. I took my time learning every inch of her body as I worshiped it with everything I was; my eyes, my hands, my mouth…my soul. She responded to it all and I thought I had died and gone to Valhalla.

Now here we are still and for now; all is right with the world.

Även om jag kan längtar efter värmen från solljuset – Jag skall gärna ge upp allt för att vara med henne under stjärnorna och månen – för alltid.

I Had A Bad Dream

July 30, 2011

Here I sit underground reliving the events that had happened earlier.

I don’t remember leaving the safety of my underground room or cubby as Sookie likes to call it. I don’t remember walking through the house, opening Sookie’s bedroom door or walking into the room where she slept. I don’t remember leaning down over her, fangs out, thirsting for her blood.

I only remember the confusion at finding myself standing there at the foot of her bed and the shocked look on Sookie’s face as she scrambled backwards, away from me. Then I remembered the dream and what it had awoken in me…

The dream had caused me to do the unthinkable, to feed upon Sookie like a savage monster, against her will.

Fang rape.

The realization of it had hit me and I’d snapped my fangs back out of sight, disoriented and confused. I remember standing motionless, shaken and embarrassed when she questioned what I was doing. I’d struggled internally to process what had happened, how I had lost control of myself and come so close to harming the one person who was everything to me.

I had a bad dream. I remember saying those words to her in honest confession. Yet now I find myself wondering. Had it been a dream? Or was it an awakening of what I truly am? Who was the Vampire that seemed to know me so well?

I would not have blamed her if she’d told me to leave then, that she never wanted me near her again, but she didn’t. Instead, the silence had hung between us as she processed what I’d just confessed. I had remained motionless, staring off at nothing in particular; unable to meet her gaze.

I remember the ache that spread over me, the ache of assuming I had just lost something I held dear to me and blood tears had welled up in response to that ache.

She is all I have now, all that matters to me.

I remember daring to look at her one last time, so I would have her face etched in my mind forever. She had smiled ever so slightly up at me and patted the bed beside her.

Sookie, min söta ängel av barmhärtighet.

She hadn’t cast me out, she hadn’t judged me. Instead she’d let me stay there in bed with her until the sun rose and I had to seek my refuge down here. She listened as I’d recounted the dream and described the Vampire in it. She explained who that Vampire was and the ache of loss had begun again.

Godric, my Maker. How can I miss someone I don’t even remember?

I remember the feel of Sookie’s fingers stroking my hair as I laid with my head in her lap listening to her describe my Maker. It was so comforting; so right. And even though Godric had told me I was incapable of love, that I was a creature of death; she soothed those fears away with her touch and her trust.

She has faith in me, believes in me and there is no greater gift she could give to me.

And now I wait those final few minutes for the darkness to return so I can be with her again. I hear another voice in the house – one I do not know. But I know this – I do not want to be evil. I only want to be with her, to love her, to protect her; to make her happy…forever.

For her – I can be anything.

It Was All A Dream

July 26, 2011

I just wanted to be near her so I opened the door to her room and saw her laying there asleep and serene; just as I had imagined it in my mind. As I stood content to watch Sookie sleeping a hand gripped my shoulder. I turned to see his face looking back at me and he said my name as if he knew me. There was so much familiarity in his gaze and his touch…

So much that I did not even question why he, another Vampire, was standing beside me. I stood in the doorway as he approached Sookie – still trying to work through the puzzle of his appearance – that is, until he got too close to her. All my senses flared in warning and I swatted him away – warned him not to touch her, couldn’t stand that he almost had.

He ignored my question when I asked who he was; instead he flashed his fangs and looked back down at Sookie – telling me to drink with him; that we would drain her and walk in the sun together.

What kind of trickery is this? Even to feel the warmth of the sun again would never be reason to harm her – not after all she has done for me – not after all she IS to me.

I refused and was prepared to fight if necessary to prove my point; but I could not fight. In one swift move he had me by the throat. It shouldn’t have affected me but I could not fight against his touch or against his words; they burned down into me as the sun had done; telling me I was incapable of love – that I was damned.

No – that cannot be true – I can love – I DO love.

But I was helpless against him forced to hear him tell me I could not be saved; that the living were good for only one thing and that was not love.

No – she is everything – she IS love.

I wanted to roar in defiance to his words, to struggle against his will, to break free of his hold but his voice compelled me; controlled me. He forced me to look at her and commanded that I drink and stop fighting my nature.

No – I will NOT harm her – I cannot.

I shook under his hand, every bit of me fighting against the command to drink. My defiance was scarcely a weak plea.


But I could not control myself; could not disobey his command and against my own will my fangs snapped down ready. It was like he was inside me, urging every fiber of my being to abandon what I was and give in to what I did not want to be; there was no turning back.

So I struck and as I bit down on Sookie’s neck her scream rang out in the room, cutting straight through me; waking me from the nightmare…

She Can Redeem Me

July 26, 2011
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